Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Prevent Scratching a Glass Table Top

How to Prevent Scratching a Glass Table Top
Tip 1 – Use Tempered Glass
If you are considering purchasing glass for a tabletop, make sure the glass is tempered. Tempered glass has been chemically treated, allowing the glass to resist scratches, and to handle greater strain and pressure than untempered glass Cleaning Table Glass Tops

Tip 2 – Remove Dried Stains Carefully
To prevent scratches from forming when cleaning stains or spills that have dried on your glass, always use a glass cleaner or soapy water to moisten the stain first when removing it. It’s important that you avoid scrubbing your tabletop glass Glass Table Top

Tip 3 – Prevent Scratches
Prevention is the key. Therefore, never keep items on your tabletop. Encourage your family to not leave books, toys, etc., on the glass. If you want to keep things on the glass that can potentially scratch it, place a coaster or placemat under it Glass TGlass Table Top

Tip 4 – Hot Foods
Never place hot plates, bowls, or cooking utensils directly on your glass table top without first placing a pad under them Glass Top Coffee Table

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Great space saving dining tables

Great space saving dining tables

As we told you before, not every types of dining table is perfectly match with your room so we should to learn more and find what kind of dining table which appropriate well. A small dining room needs round saving dining tables. Why? It is because a small room does not have too many spaces in. Round table will help the room to ‘breath’ more, fellas. The round table types help your room look bigger and well-arranged. So if you have a large room, you can put any dining table in, indeed Cleaning Table Glass Tops

However, if you really want to make something new in your large kitchen, you can apply the saving dining tables. With that table, you can create two different rooms in one which is really popular nowadays. You can put the dining room together with your lovely kitchen room. This is might help you out to cook and keeping eye your family dish. It makes you can save your home spaces and create a new room based on your needs. Also, you can enjoy your dining room more than before Dining Tables

This picture of Space Saving Dining Tables Ideas has dimension 1078 x 801 pixels, you can download and get the Space Saving Dining Tables Ideas picture by right click on the right click to get the large version Glass Dining Table
Here is important tip on space saving dining tables furniture. We have the excellent step for space saving dining tables furniture. Check it out for yourself! You can gather Space Saving Dining Tables Ideas guide and read the latest Save your dining room with Space saving dining tables in here Top Coffee Table

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Play it Safe with Glass Table Tops

Play it Safe with Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops continue to be in style year after year. They are always a popular choice for home furnishing because they increase the style and sophistication in homes. They also increase the number of injured children in the emergency rooms every year Cleaning Table Glass Tops
According to reports, emergency room doctors see approximately 20,000 children with serious injuries due to glass table tops each and every year. While this number is not shocking to you, remember that this number is injured children -- not adults. Adults are also susceptible to this injury Dining Tables, glass

All it takes is children running through the house or jumping on the couch, one slip and they fall onto the glass top. Adults forget and sit on the table top or an elderly person who loses their balance and falls on the table is injured seriously. It happens quickly glass
So what's the answer to this problem? The answer lies in the type of glass of your table. The typical glass is "annealed" glass. Striking this glass in some way, makes it break into different sized pieces. Some of these pieces are large and jagged which easily sever arteries as you fall onto them Glass Dining Table

The type of glass you want to have in your glass table top is safety or "tempered" glass. This is the same type of glass contained in your vehicles. When safety glass is broken, it shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces. You still get cut, but the likelihood of a serious injury is much less likely.
When choosing a glass table top for your home, look for a sticker on the table that says "Safety Glass" or "Tempered Glass." If the table doesn't have this label, you need to assume it is regular or annealed glass and is dangerous Glass for Kitchen

If you already have glass table tops in your home, simply take the glass off the table and take it to a local glass shop. You can find these shops in your phone book. They use your piece of glass as a pattern, and cut safety glass for your tables that will fit perfectly and be safe Glass Table Top
The next time you are admiring your glass table tops, stop and think about the danger they present to you and your loved ones and get the glass replaced with a safety glass Round Glass Kitchen Table

Friday, August 21, 2015

Glass Table Tops by Tempe Glass

Glass Table Tops by Tempe Glass

Need a glass table top? What about a custom cut glass shape to replace your existing table top? You’ve come to the right company. At Tempe Glass, we love helping clients come up with new and exciting ways to refurbish furniture with a new glass look. What cut or design do you want? We can make your table top custom cut, beveled, polished and tempered at our manufacturing plant in Phoenix. This guarantees a perfectly customized fit, giving you the opportunity to choose the glass shape, size and edge you want, and get it delivered to you in record time for your office or home Cleaning Table Glass Tops

Whether it’s for a glass table top cover or a glass table top replacement, the steps for customizing your glass table top are the same. All of our glass table tops are custom, which means that all pieces can be created to your exact specification. If you need a glass table top created, we encourage you to touch base with us. We can give you a no-obligation quote on your job Round Glass Kitchen Table

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Glass Table Top for the Dining Tables

Glass Table Top for the Dining Tables

There are a variety of ideas that you can undertake in get to make your eating region a pleasurable area for your family members and friends. Apart from the decorations, fixtures, and furnishings, your eating desk is a centerpiece in this location that you should never ever just take for granted. If you are opting for a desk for the dining area, 1 thing to consider is the kind or type of glass for table  top  best.

There are numerous issues when it arrives to selecting a glass best for your eating desk. Among them is the thickness and form of the glass. Exclusively, glass dining tables must be thick so that it can help the excess weight of everything placed on it. It is good that you get a good advice from glass suppliers who know greater about the sorts of glass desk tops such as the a single that is of greatest quality.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass coffee tables are terrific pieces of furniture. They have a more refined and clean look and since you can use a glass cleaner, you don't have to think about ruining the table by failing to use a coaster with your beverage. But even though they look good, they aren't necessarily the sturdiest. A glass coffee table could break if you hit it too hard, or put your drink down too hard, or put down a plate that is very hot. This is definitely the risk you take to get the streamlined and clean look a glass coffee table provides.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Round Glass Kitchen Table

Round Glass Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is where your family and friends gather around for coffee or for meals. It's around this table that relationships are reinforced. A round glass kitchen table best promotes this feeling of being bonded together. There are two major reasons for choosing a round glass table.

First, its seating capacity is a little more flexible than rectangular tables. Sure, you would normally seat four people around a regular-sized round kitchen table. But, for instance, if someone unexpectedly joins a foursome for coffee, lunch or dinner, the round table would easily allow you to accommodate the new arrival. The fifth person would not feel awkward but rather welcomed into a cozy and friendly circle.

The second reason would be the ease of cleaning and maintaining a glass table top. Cleaning up spills on the table is easy when it is made of glass. You can just blot out the spill and wipe it off. Your mugs, cups or glasses will not leave permanent rings on the table if you forget to use coasters, too. Spilled wine or other beverage will also not leave permanent splash stains unlike on varnished or painted wood.