Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Glass Coffee Tables

Glass Coffee Tables

It wasn't too long ago when glass coffee tables were reserved for nobility. Now, thanks to modern technology, glass tables have become much more inexpensive. This affordability does diminish it class, and glass coffee tables are one of the most sought-after pieces of furniture.

The Gambaro brothers created the earliest glass coffee tables -made of Venetian crystal - in the early 1900s, by applying the skills they learned after decades of glass making. But people' s fascination with glass started even earlier during the Renaissance period when Murano introduced intricate creations that were reserved for royalty. The craftsmanship of glass coffee tables has since diminished because of modern glass-making technology, but the use of glass in both d├ęcor and functional processes still remains and continues to flourish.

You can now have the same elegance enjoyed only by a select few back in the day. When you buy a glass coffee table, you instantly add sophistication to any of your rooms.  Before you pick a design, remember to choose glass tops that are at least a quarter of an inch thick - they are more durable and practical for everyday use.

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