Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Round Glass Kitchen Table

Round Glass Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is where your family and friends gather around for coffee or for meals. It's around this table that relationships are reinforced. A round glass kitchen table best promotes this feeling of being bonded together. There are two major reasons for choosing a round glass table.

First, its seating capacity is a little more flexible than rectangular tables. Sure, you would normally seat four people around a regular-sized round kitchen table. But, for instance, if someone unexpectedly joins a foursome for coffee, lunch or dinner, the round table would easily allow you to accommodate the new arrival. The fifth person would not feel awkward but rather welcomed into a cozy and friendly circle.

The second reason would be the ease of cleaning and maintaining a glass table top. Cleaning up spills on the table is easy when it is made of glass. You can just blot out the spill and wipe it off. Your mugs, cups or glasses will not leave permanent rings on the table if you forget to use coasters, too. Spilled wine or other beverage will also not leave permanent splash stains unlike on varnished or painted wood.

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