Friday, November 14, 2014

Tips for Using Glass for Tabletops

Tips for Using Glass for Tabletops

There are several uses of glass for tabletops. The top surface of wooden furniture can be protected from scratches and nicks by placing glass on top. They can be used for dining tables as well as end tables and coffee tables. Glass can also be used for outdoor patio furniture tabletops. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as in various thicknesses to accommodate any use.

When choosing glass for tabletops, choose the size, shape and thickness that suit your needs the best. If you use glass that is too thick, it will be too heavy for the purpose you need. It that is not thick enough can break under stress. Typically, the thickness that you need is determined by the size of unsupported glass. The larger the size the thicker it needs to be in order to stand up to heavy use.


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