Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cleaning Table Glass Tops

Cleaning Table Glass Tops

  Everybody knows what glass top dining tables can do to a dining room. They are, in fact, said to be some of the most beautiful furniture items that one can have. A table with a glossy top is a charm on its own and will not even need any arrangements. It simply has to be kept intact and in good condition in order to maintain its beauty.

  Basic to taking care of a glass tabletop is simply cleaning it everyday alternating wet cloth with dry cloth. This is important in order to be sure that all dirt, dried food particles and grease are removed. Lemon juice with water or vinegar is an effective solution to take out anything that might be stubborn not to be removed by just cloth wet with water. It's recommendable to put the solution in a container with a sprayer. This liquid may just be sprayed onto the glass and a cloth may be used to spread it and to remove accumulated particles that may be difficult to do with simply water. Another thing you can do is to use a tissue instead of a cloth. In fact, tissue is more effective in bringing that glass to a sheen. If you're unsure about that cleaning solution you just made, you can always go to the supermarket and choose among quite many cleaning products that are available there.

  These may even be useful not just for your tabletop but also or your tiles and even your drinking glasses. These commercial cleaning solutions may be more costly but if you simply want your glass to shine, price will probably not matter. Besides, these products also work by giving glassware a long lasting clean.