Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Glass Desks - Incredible Style, Incredible Function

Glass Desks - Incredible Style, Incredible Function

More people than ever are looking for more contemporary decorating and furniture options than ever before. The glass desk is quickly becoming a popular choice in many office and home environments, as are other types of glass tables. While they may not have the longevity that desks made of wood do, they do have a style that it is not possible to recreate.

Your standard glass desk will often have legs or a stand made of steel, most often stainless Steele unless otherwise stated. This works well in most contemporary and modern decors, and is also durable. Cheaper models will use hollow steel or aluminum, which may not last as long. If you are looking for a more functional model that will last for years down the line, it may be better to spend a little extra on a model with more sturdy legs.

The thickness of the glass on these types of desks is also important. Glass that is too thin will break easily, especially if you intend to use a computer on the surface - not to mention if you use multiple monitors. Thicker glass is recommended, at least 1/4 of an inch. Glass that is too thick can be a burden to move when the time comes, and if mishandled during transit can scratch - or worse, shatter. These are important things to keep in mind.