Monday, October 20, 2014

How to Clean Your Glass Table Tops

How to Clean Your Glass Table Tops

When you saw the glass table tops in the store or catalog, they were so beautifully clean and streak-free that you had to make a purchase. But then you brought the table home and after a few days accepted the fact that keeping glass tops clean is not as easy as you thought. Or is it?

Many people turn to glass table tops for many reasons -- their classy look, their capability of lightening up a room by reflecting light and offering an alternative to dark wood, and their protective durability. While some glass tables just consist of a glass surface, other designs involve glass tops that protect a wood table that lies beneath. Wood is highly susceptible to damage from scratches and dents from common, everyday items -- from plates and silverware in the kitchen to paperclips and wire-bound notebooks in the office. For that reason, many homeowners and businesspersons alike turn to glass to protect their investment. A conference table glass top can defend large executive desks against sustaining damage. However, if you're a busy executive with not a lot of cleaning experience or simply someone who's never owned a glass table before, here is all you need to know about keeping your table tops clean.